What Makes Us Uncommon

The Uncommon Car Dealership
What makes us Uncommon??
Deliver an Uncommon Customer Experience
Consistently delivers an excellent Customer experience - Before, During, and After the Sale.

We believe it's in our best interest to cultivate happy, satisfied and deeply loyal Customers who will continue to do business with us again and again.  We expect that Customers who do business with us will offer us the best marketing opportunity as they share their experience with their coworkers, friends, family and neighbors.   We are resolutely committed to operating our business with integrity and fairness and to make the Customer experience unmatched.  Everything from our sales process to the delivery of the vehicles to the follow-up after the vehicle is sold will involve special care and consideration for the Customer.  We are not going to worry about spending some money to accomplish this aim because we know truly that it will return to us many fold in Customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sentiment towards our business to others.

Our employees will be encouraged and empowered to do things that they believe will enhance the Customer experience.  At every touch point and interaction, the Customer will have a clear, unambiguous sense that they are respected, valued, and special.

Establish and Maintain an Uncommon Culture
Offer a rewarding and fulfilling place to work. Hire only the Best People who Share our Business Values?and Highly Value All Employees All the Time

We are building this company and its culture from the ground up.  This offers us a unique opportunity to start from scratch culturally-speaking - and not be constrained by having to renovate a broken culture of pre-existent, entrenched unproductive thinking and behaviors.  None of these constraints exist for us.  Instead, we have a very strong commitment to building a culture that is all about excellence in everything we do.  We have established policies and procedures to hire and communicate this with all EEs and to create an environment where employees will thrive.  In a word, we are building an uncommon culture at MCA.

The hiring process is rigorous and very selective, yielding offers to only the best and the brightest.  We believe we can recruit the best because the case for working at MCA is very compelling.  We are not just offering "a job," we are building careers for the lives of our employees and we desire them to be with us for years to come.  In addition to a terrific physical and cultural work environment, we maintain Employee Policies that encourage wellness and a healthy work/life balance.  We highly value our employees and that is reflected in their treatment and in their compensation.  We place a big emphasis on training and development and offering opportunities for employees to flourish and advance.  

We want Employees that understand our commitment to excellence at all levels…and our commitment to them as individuals and as essential members of the team.  To that end, we are placing a premium on communicating with them with transparency - building their business acumen so they have a sense of connectedness, understand why decisions are made, and are positioned to make great business decisions themselves because they are informed and included.  All of this bucks the industry's trended turnover rates of 50%-60%.  We will garner an uncommon retention rate because we offer unrivaled opportunities for our employees to build a career with us.

Provide Uncommon Value to the Retail Automotive Market
Presents a higher value proposition than the competition

Since its inception, MCA has demonstrated - with substantial success - its unique expertise in profitably buying cars for wholesale and selling cars at wholesale prices.  This very disciplined research and buying process (what we refer to as finding "needles in haystacks") are what we will leverage to source vehicles for retail.  Because we are committed to these very effective buying practices, we possess a cost and competitive advantage in the retail marketspace.

Powered by Uncommon Use of Technology
Leverages the internet marketspace, allowing cutting edge technology to drive lead generation and business efficiencies.

Sales & Marketing - We have placed an emphasis on Sales & Marketing through the Internet. Well over 80% of all vehicles sold are first researched and discovered via internet searches.  We are committed to tapping into the wealth of internet purchase explorations.  A key component in our Marketing Plan is the partnership we have secured with fusionZONE Automotive out of CA.  FZ offers MCA unique opportunities to optimize the presence of our inventory on the web and drive website conversion and leads as direct mechanisms to sell more vehicles.  In addition to our own websites, we will syndicate our products to all the major auto sites.
Business Tools - We have selected the very best DMS, CRM, and Inventory Valuation/Pricing tools.  We are committed to exploiting the value of these tools to aggressively manage all segments of our business processes.  Moreover, these tools offer unprecedented business performance reporting - an essential aspect of our results-based management practices.

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