How to Trade In a Car

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It’s an excellent idea, choosing to trade your car in! The fact that you’re interested in the process means you’re headed in the right direction, and you’ve made the right decision in stopping by our website to read our take on how to trade in a car. 

Typically, of course, trading in your car implies that you’re looking into purchasing another vehicle, hopefully with some good return from your current car, truck, or SUVs value. In that regard, we’ll also be covering how trading in a vehicle benefits you, as opposed to making a sale with a private party. 

Once you’ve read up on how to trade in your car, feel free to make an appointment or stop by Music City Autoplex for a free trade-in appraisal – we’re just a quick drive from Nashville! Our goal is to make every vehicle purchase a friendly and transparent experience, be it from you to us, or us to you.

Get Your Trade-In Car Value

First off, when learning how to trade in your car, you’re going to need at least a rough idea of your vehicle’s value. You can trust the experts at Music City Autoplex to provide you with a fair offer for your vehicle, but it is always a good idea to walk in knowing what to expect, in a ballpark sense. Having this number handy will also give you an option to negotiate further, if you desire.

There are plenty of reputable sources available to Hendersonville drivers that help estimate a vehicle’s worth. A famous brand in this industry is Kelley Blue Book, which has been a source of vehicle pricing information since the mid 1920’s! We trust KBB to provide you with accurate information – so we made it easy for you to access their database via our Value Your Trade Tool. Simply enter your vehicle’s information, such as its VIN number, and get your estimate within minutes!

Get an Appraisal

Now that you’ve got an idea of what your vehicle is worth, the next step in learning how to trade in your car is getting the actual inspection and appraisal from the dealership. At Music City Autoplex, we’ll ensure that you’re comfortable and kept in the loop during the entire buying process, including the trade in. Once our used car manager has inspected your vehicle, they will make a trade-in offer for you to accept, negotiate, or decline. The benefit of getting this appraisal done at a dealership, rather than a private tire-kicking party, is that you know the trained representative of Music City Autoplex will be making an educated inspection and offer.

Review Dealership’s Offer

Lastly, once our used car manager has completed the inspection and made their offer, you can choose to accept, negotiate, or decline. We’re confident you’ll like the offer we have to make, but it’s your right as a consumer to shop around, we understand! Remember, you can use the Kelley Blue Book value from earlier to negotiate!

Experience Trade In-Benefits at Music City Autoplex

Now that you know all about how to trade in a car, it’s time for you to experience the one-of-a-kind customer service and old fashioned business that comes with dealing with the team at Music City Autoplex. We promise to make the experience 100% transparent, fair, and friendly – which is something a private buyer in Clarksville just can’t guarantee. 

While you’re on our website, you may want to look into pre-qualifying for financing using our easy online tool – it’ll actually help save time in the finance office by gathering important information ahead of time! (Don’t worry, filling out the application will not impact your credit score!)

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