Is Gap Insurance Worth It?

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What does gap insurance cover? It’s an optional insurance that covers the gap between the amount you still owe on your car and the true cash value of your vehicle after an accident. Yes, this sounds somewhat technical. Music City Autoplex encourages Nashville and Hendersonville drivers to continue reading to get a better sense of what gap insurance does exactly. Before we get started, however, it must be clarified that Music City Autoplex does not sell insurance packages. We just want to make sure our neighbors are well equipped to make informed decisions when they’re in the market for a car.

What Does Gap Insurance Cover?

So, what does gap insurance do more precisely? As mentioned earlier, it reimburses Madison drivers for the lost value on a vehicle that’s been destroyed or stolen. Here’s a breakdown of what gap insurance does and does not cover:

Gap Insurance Covers:

  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Vandalism
  • Accident
  • Acts of nature (tornado, hurricane, flood, etc.)

Gap Insurance Does NOT Cover:

  • Deductible (though some gap insurance policies allow this)
  • Engine failures and other mechanical repairs/malfunctions
  • Death
  • Extended warranties

The major takeaway from the question, “What does gap insurance cover?” is that it covers the total loss from the above mentioned events. While it’s optional, it’s definitely a worthwhile conversation to have with your insurance agent.

Do I Need Gap Insurance?

Technically, no, but we highly recommend that Clarksville and Franklin drivers invest in it, as it can protect you from major financial losses should your car be destroyed or totaled. Simply put, if you can afford gap insurance, it’s necessary. If you can’t, discuss further options with your insurance agent. Gap insurance is especially helpful if your dealership offers a plan that includes deductible coverage.

Explore All Insurance and Finance Options at Music City Autoplex

Now that we’ve answered the question, “What does gap insurance do?” we encourage you to visit our car financing tips hub for answers to all of your car buying questions. If you’re still struggling with confusions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our financing team for help!

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