Does Liability Insurance Cover Theft?

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Madison drivers sometimes ask us at Music City Autoplex, “Does liability insurance cover theft?” The short answer to that question is “no.” Liability insurance covers another driver’s and passengers’ injuries and property damages from an accident you (the insured) caused. It doesn’t cover auto theft. However, comprehensive insurance covers car theft around Nashville and beyond. Here, Music City Autoplex explains more about car theft insurance. Feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Car Theft Insurance Basics 

So, does car insurance cover theft? Yes, but you have to have the right type of car insurance. If you have comprehensive coverage in Hendersonville, you should be protected for up to your vehicle’s Actual Cash Value (ACV). Plus, your car should also be covered in the event of damage from a break-in or vandalism. Broken door locks, windows, and your ignition system are typically covered under comprehensive auto insurance. 

Unfortunately, stolen items, such as your wallet, tablet, briefcase, or smartphone, aren’t usually covered. You’ll need to submit an insurance claim to your homeowners or renters insurance carrier for those types of items. If your car was stolen in Clarksville with valuables inside, you should submit claims to your homeowners or renters insurance company and auto insurance provider. 

What to Do if Your Car is Stolen

Now that you don’t have to ask, “Does liability cover theft?” what should you do if your car is stolen?

  1. Immediately report it to the police. Give them a detailed description of your vehicle (color, make, model, license plate number, and VIN) and essential facts, such as when and where it happened. If you have an anti-theft system, GPS, or other security systems to help you locate your vehicle more easily, work with those systems or providers to locate it.
  2. Contact your auto insurance provider within 24 hours of the theft. They’ll ask you about any valuables contents left in the vehicle and will likely want a copy of the police report.
  3. Know that your vehicle may never be found, but if it is, inspect it thoroughly and inform the police and your insurance carrier.
  4. Consider purchasing an anti-theft product/service from Music City Autoplex or another provider. 

Music City Autoplex is Always at Your Service 

To summarize the answer to the common question, “Does car insurance cover theft?” Yes, but not liability coverage; only comprehensive coverage covers theft. At Music City Autoplex we can help you make smart car insurance choices by sharing information about gap insurance coverage and refunds


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